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Matthew has led the research, design, and testing efforts for scores of product & service projects. He’s led research efforts to understand the needs of organ transplant recipients and people who suffer from migraines 24/7, greatly improved turnaround times for health insurance arbitration cases, and helped doctors communicate dense genomics information to consumers.

While his work impacts primarily healthcare, he has improved insurance, banking, accounting, CRM, fundraising, marketing, e-commerce, business processing, education, transportation, engineering, SaaS, B2B, B2C, and the rare C2B.

When he’s not talking about himself in the third-person … uh, yeah, I see it now. Sorry.

I run a Design Research and Service Design consultancy at Studio VO. Come see me.

I have a channel on YouTube that is about Experience Design (broadly) to which you should subscribe.

Some interviews from the past few years:

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