Raven Brought the Sun

Before time was wise
Before earth knew rain
Before trees grew tall
Before animals knew grain
The sun did not shine in the skies.

No sparkles on blue ocean
No rays touched red clay
No light coaxed yellow flowers
No morning to make bright the day
There was no Sun to balance Moon’s motion.

Raven knew that Moon was lonely.
She took flight and climbed so high
On rainbow wings to guide her way
Her melodic voice that made Moon sigh
Moon gave safe perch to Raven only.

Raven sang to Moon, “Why are you sad?
Please tell me why your shape does wain.”
“I miss my brother Sun,” cried Moon,
“and feel I search for him in vain.
To have him in my skies would make me glad.”

“Then I shall search near and far for him,
From the depths of earth to the heights of space.
I shall not rest until he is found.
I will take up the quickest pace
Through dust of earth and dust of star I’ll swim.”

Raven sprang from Moon to rainbow-winged flight
Up and out to the constant dark.
For a long, long time Raven searched and searched
In hopes of finding Sun’s constant spark
She sang sweet for him to balance the night.

Raven was long on wing and far from earth
When at last her song did reach Sun’s ear.
But as she flew to Sun’s hidden place,
Her bright, so beautiful feathers did sear
She could find no place on Sun to berth.

Raven tried to sing her message to Sun
But Sun’s heat caused her voice to crack
Her song was gone and she could only croak
“Sister Moon wants her brother Sun back.”
Bright feathers she’d lost, but day’s light she’d won.

Raven took Sun to turn earth’s sky blue
But paid a price to bring Moon a brother
Her place in this world has been here set true.
With coal-black wings and voice like no other.

An old, done-enough poem. ~1996?

© 2002-2021

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