Areas of Expertise

Service Design, User Experience Strategy, Design Research, Process Improvement, Usability Testing, Product Management, Communication Strategy, Customer Experience, Interaction Design, Coffee Roasting, and Sous Chef-ing.

Portfolio examples on request. Though, given the proprietary nature of most of my work, it will have to be a request related to actually doing work together.


Over the past 21 years, whether as a consultant or employee, my role on every project has been to work with the people who have the vision and those with the capabilities to carry it out in order to create a great experience for the customer (using “customer” in as wide a meaning as possible).

I’ve managed UX and cross-functional teams from 2-to-30 to deliver services, retail experiences, and command-line, client, web, and mobile applications.

I feel very strongly that there’s more to the world than just digital solutions, but that digital plays a strong role. I’m very focused on Service Design as it takes a very holistic approach to identify needs, gaps, and outcomes. Service Design helps organizations and businesses better understand the needs of their customers, better understand themselves, and better understand the employees (org members) whose job it is to carry out the mission of the business on behalf of the customer.

My work has impacted healthcare, insurance, banking, accounting, CRM, fundraising, marketing, e-commerce, business processing, transportation, engineering, SaaS, B2B, B2C, and C2B.

I started this professional life as a Tech Writer. I left that quickly because I got frustrated writing manuals for crappy software. Ever since I’ve found myself at the front of the project, driving what should be accomplished as much as how it should be designed.

I’ve worked in companies with 10 employees and 87,000 employees, as well as sizes in between. I’m comfortable working in any environment, including 10 years working and managing teams remotely.

Give yourself a high-five for reading all the way to the end.