The 3 UXers

There seem to be three types of User Experience (UX) people.


Those whose job it is to “do” UX but end up only doing User Interface Design in reaction to requirements handed to them by someone else. Understandably, these people tend to complain more about how “no one listens to UXers” and tend to have strong opinions about what the role of UX should be.


Those who are like One, but haven't got the living shit beat out of them (figuratively) by whatever Process in which they find themselves confined. They still have the energy to imagine and fight for a day where they are the ones who drive The Whats and not just The Hows. They have strong opinions about the role of UX but (after some experience) tend not to try and shove it down the throats of everyone that stops long enough in the hall to listen.


Those who have lots of experience driving The Whats. They have gone through the peaks and valleys of One and Two (or been lucky enough to skip that shit altogether) and get that UX is just something that needs to be done to help make great stuff.