Product Design or Service Design?

All product companies are service companies.

The product is the channel for the service.

If you are a Product Designer, you aren't designing a product, you're designing a tool for a service.

This is largely what fuels my belief that Service Design should be something that all designers know how to do. Anyone with a job title of Product Designer should be looking to make the switch as soon as possible. Eventually Product Designer will be where UX/UI Designer is now.

I don't want to wade too far into complaining about job titles, even though most of them are utterly ridiculous. We live in a world where Literally means Figuratively, so of course UX/UI Designer or even UX Writer is a thing. Not like we've had Technical Writers and Copy Writers around for, like, ever, innit.

But I digress...

Jump on the Service Design bandwagon. Promote it at your company. It's all the rage in-part because it dives deep into the entire system within which the company's purpose exists. I know, pretty deep, right?

I think part of the lag in more widespread adoption of Service Design, in some ways, is many companies don't really want to know how everything works (or doesn't). "We make money! Why risk anything by knowing how it happens?"

Okay, maybe not literally that. But definitely literally that.