What Lessons Are You Learning Now?

Written in chalk, high on one of the walls in the 24-hr pool hall I frequented during high school was the quote: “A word is worth a coin. Silence is worth two.” I feel lucky I learned at an early age the value of being quiet, respectful, observant, ... read more

Work is Still Broken — The Hiring Process

Last night, I got an email from a hiring manager. It was the dreaded, “thanks, but no thanks” email. Here's a rough timeline of what led to the email. I note it here, because I was very surprised to hear anything at all. Apply for position, early November. ... read more

Being Here

I spoke at eight events in 20181. My hope is to double that for 2019. I'd love your help with that goal. If you know of (or run) a group, company, or conference, I'd love to come share my perspective with you. I told someone recently about this plan and they asked ... read more