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It Is About Time

Vignette 1 The following is a typical conversation in Alaska: Person 1: How far away is that? Person 2: 4 hours. On the face of it, responding to a question of how far away something is with how long it will take doesn't make a lot of sense. But that's Alaska for you. Probably ... read more

You Dumb Bags of Mostly Water

A middle school, in Portland, Oregon, where students must pay, cash only, to drink water out of a plastic bottle. We live in a place where we pay money (taxes) to make sure we have clean water and, based on the reports, we get a decent product. We pay for ... read more

Hey, Designers ... Learn to Business

For the past few years, upon hearing the variations of, “Designers should learn how to code,” I've immediately quipped, “No, designers should learn how to business.” My quip made it into a blog post, a talk, a LinkedIn thread, and this week again when I stood ... read more